Masonry work

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The stone for its colors, the variegated shapes and the innumerable range of types of installation, lends itself to be used in any situation.

Our stone originates from the Umbrian valleys, where for centuries walls, castles, churches or convents majestically sing their merits.

Using the various lines available: modern and squared or dry and still rounded and soft opus incertum, the use of stone can give to any structure as much a modern as traditional style. While, assembled with ancient bricks, it will be possible to obtain a more typically historical effect. For this reason, used alone or accompanied with other materials, it still allows you to satisfy your creativity.

Coming from the best deposits, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural stones, both for the shapes that characterize it and for the variegated colors.

Having the best stone available is a great privilege for us and a real added value is given by our artisans who, thanks to their skilled experience, are able to use it in all its potential, guaranteeing unique and great results.

In addition to the supply of stone we can propose solutions for assembly and in any case offer support to those who want to achieve a guaranteed and lasting result over time.