The gardens sector allows you to wander among all our products, the only limit is imagination!

The concept of garden proposed by us is born from the country places in which we live, where nature is the owner of the territory and it is our task to contain it in its spaces, so a spontaneous, low maintenance garden, mainly composed of wildflowers and plants spontaneous, preferably autochthonous. For areas with low maintenance or nothing, we offer walkways in gravel, breccia or pebbles of various colors simply laid out on geo-fabric, paving in pebbles and slabs on sand bed or walled and stuccoed. Natural sands for play areas, beaches or solariums.

We recommend draining floors in breccia and gravel, made of interlocking panels for bicycle or driveway areas, without the use of iron and cement! The surface can be simply rolled or resinated. Rainwater is retained by the sub-base of breccia and slowly returned to the surrounding areas, with multiple beneficial effects: less erosion in case of heavy rain, recovery of rainwater, a mud-free floor and stagnant water.

Various solutions are offered for slope management, with dry or masonry walls of various shapes and structures.

Obviously we don’t forget in our garden some important stone: monoliths, if possible, a natural waterfall, a fountain or a pond and with the background of the flowing water you can not miss a stone balance angle to relax pleasantly.