“Composing stones in equilibrium” is an artistic and mental discipline, a particular expression of Land Art or Arte Effimera. The search for the balance of two or more stones involves patience and humility … abstraction from the passage of time; this means immersing oneself in nature, listening to its sounds and apparent silence. It is certainly a discipline that enhances our sensitivity and inner balance, but also the perception of an exchange of energy between a subject and its stone in equilibrium. (as reported in the Stone Balancing international artistic manifesto).

“Balancers” are those who create stone figures, of various shapes, placed in balance with the sole force of gravity; these figures are real sculptures where the sensitivity of the art and his personal research make the works created unique and unrepeatable.

Different types of balance of stones:

  • Pure equilibrium: each rock is balanced on another thanks to a single point of support;
  • Contrast equilibrium (Counter balance): smaller rocks derive their balance from the weight of the rocks that overhang them;
  • Stacked stones: rocks placed on top of each other to form high-rise structures;
  • Free style: mixture of pure equilibrium and equilibrium counter, these realizations can be even include strings (Wikipedia).

Our idea is to make available to customers some solutions for the home and the garden for the creation of a corner Stone Balancing Art.

Our stones allow you to create compositions of different sizes and at different levels of difficulty, within a wide range of shapes and natural colors that they present.

We choose the stones in deposits of fluvial or marine origin with great care, not neglecting quality and artistic beauty of the individual pieces. Hard stones are preferred (compact limestone containing various minerals that determine its color). For the initial levels we propose more squared and rough stones, even compact sandstones and creek stones. In the levels of greatest difficulty we offer a range of stones with more spherical and smooth shapes.

The goal is to stimulate the practice of the stones in equilibrium using the free moments, to discover this state of “pleasant concentration” in the search for the various combinations of possible equilibrium. Of course, the creation can be dismantled and reassembled endlessly, when then you do not try this art, the stones can still embellish a corner of our house, the terrace or even the garden representing at the same time a natural decoration. In this regard we offer some solutions made with ornamental stones, wood or hemp rope suitable to contain them. The hope is that passionate and trained, our customers can then practice the Stone Balancing freely, in the mountains along a stream or by the sea.