Orlando Renzini & C. continues the production reality founded in 1960 by the initiative of his father Giuseppe, who with great intuition realizes one of the first fixed installations of dredging of the river Tiber in the region of Umbria, and precisely in a confluence of the Naia torrent under the hill of Todi.

We are in the period of the construction of the first major infrastructures since the post-war period and everything seems new and surprising; the Tiber, still without dams and barriers, is full of building materials that only require removal.

Then it is innovated by installing a mobile dredger inside the river. In the meantime material is extracted creating lakes in alluvial areas, but in 1983 the river extractions are suspended, the company undergoes a strong backlash, but reorganizes starting to use alluvial aggregates from the hills, from extinct riverbeds, and also trying to acquire hydraulic permits for the accommodation of streams, over agricultural reclamation works.

In this search for materials necessary for construction, the curiosity of the young son Orlando creeps in, starting in the mid-eighties to “save” his favorite rocks. At the beginning it is not easy to deprive the production of the material needed to store it for who knows what magical use. But when, after some time, the first sales begin – at a good price – everything calms down and we continue to save the finest materials over the years. From this passion comes one of the most extensive reserves of precious natural inert in the region, now allocated as a work of art in squares and castles, as well as being used in renovations and new buildings in the Umbrian countryside.