Beauty will save the world ( Fëdor Dostoevskij )

Beauty has a Sanskrit origin: Bet-El-Za which means “the place where God shines”


The garden sector allows you to space on all our products, from monoliths, to ornamental stones, stones and pebbles for rock gardens or ponds, round gravels for low maintenance areas or lanes, draining floors, solarium areas with paved or natural sand beaches , the only limit is the imagination!

Pebbles and paving stones

the construction technique involves the use of polished and rounded pebbles or pieces of stone, with variable calibration, placed on the substrate in mortar such as sand mixed with lime, pozzolan or cement. In the case of a driveway paving, today’s cobblestones are mounted on an armored iron platform.

Stone coatings

A stone with soft and warm colors, varied shapes for many types of installation: modern and squared creations or rounded shapes and soft opus incertum. While, assembled with ancient bricks, it will be possible to obtain a more typically historical effect.

Stone Balance Kit

“Composing stones in equilibrium” is an artistic and mental discipline, a particular expression of Land Art or Arte Effimera. The search for the balance of two or more stones involves patience and humility … abstraction from the passage of time; this means immersing oneself in nature, listening to its sounds and apparent silence.